My Solutions to the Homelessness Crisis

California’s homeless crisis has plagued the state for years, and despite throwing a staggering amount of money trying to solve it, the problem is only getting worse. Californians pay the highest cost of living in the continental U.S. – they should not have to jump over used drug needles in their parks or be afraid to walk down their street.

In 2018, California had about 130,000 homeless individuals. Today, that number is over 170,000. That amounts to a more than 30% increase. During those same five years, Democrat lawmakers and the governor spent $20 billion trying – and failing – to address this crisis. If money isn’t a problem, what is?

In my most recent Op-ed published by CalMatters, I dive into solutions to fix the homeless crisis. You can read the Op-ed, “California needs to change its homelessness policies, not spend more money,” here. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or by contacting my office.

It is an honor to serve as your State Senator.

Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones
California’s 40th Senate District