Palomar Health Director Issues Legal Response After Being Attacked at Board Meeting

San Diego, CA – The Dhillon Law Group, in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty, has issued a legal response on behalf of Palomar Health District Director Laurie Edwards-Tate after she was physically attacked at a Palomar Health Board of Directors meeting.   

View the response here.  

Background:Director Laurie Edwards-Tateresponded to the District’s improper use of Board policy to try to restrict her First Amendment rights. The Board continues its efforts to prevent Board members from relaying concerns involving the District’s activities to constituents.   

This comes after hospital counsel contacted Director Edwards-Tate recommending she be investigated for her public comments to her constituents regarding the Palomar Health administration’s change to its website access controls that were not “coordinated” with the hospital’s legal counsel and media relations team.  

The Board argues that its members are prohibited from conveying a message that might reflect poorly on the District out of a “duty of loyalty”. Ms. Edwards-Tate argues that her capacity as an elected official is to serve her constituents by making them aware of any concerns regarding their tax dollars. To add, Directors’ priority obligation under state law is to benefit public health by keeping constituents aware of concerning policies.   

On November 13, 2023, Director Laura Barry physically assaulted Director Edwards-Tate while calling her profanities at a Board meeting. The meeting had to be temporarily adjourned while Barry was escorted out of the room for Director Edwards-Tate’s safety.  

Quotes: “The First Amendment guarantees elected officials may freely communicate with their constituents regarding matters of public concern,” said Dhillon Law Group Counsel Karin Sweigart. “The District’s continued efforts to prevent Directors from telling constituents about what is going on in the District should be of concern to the whole community.”  

“I never would have imagined that I would be assaulted by a fellow member of the Board because of a dissenting point of view. It is frightening, unthinkable, and now I am concerned for my safety at future Board meetings,” said Laurie Edwards-Tate.  

To schedule an interview with Director Edwards-Tate and her legal team, please contact Camryn Kinsey at (859) 494-1793 or   

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