San Diego’s Democrat City Council Rejects Mayor Gloria’s Housing Package Amidst Internal Party Disagreement

The San Diego City Council voted against Mayor Todd Gloria’s Housing Action Package 2.0, a move that underscores growing divisions within the Democratic Party over housing policies.

The package, initially seen as uncontroversial, was brought to a halt due to disputes over key provisions. The first point of contention was the proposal to shift fee waivers from studio apartment developments to three-bedroom unit projects. Critics within the council argued this change would favor high-end housing over smaller, more affordable units essential for addressing the city’s homelessness crisis.

A second change involved allowing developers to build mandated-affordable units off-site, potentially in poorer neighborhoods. This proposal was seen as a weakening of current requirements for large-scale developments and raised concerns about deepening economic segregation in the city.

The council’s vote, ending in a 5-3 decision, reflects a split among Democratic members, challenging the notion of a cohesive party stance on policy issues. Council President Sean Elo-Rivera, along with Vivian Moreno, Kent Lee, and Joe LaCava, led the opposition to the package, highlighting internal Democrat disagreements over the approach to housing policy.

This division within the council not only derailed one of Mayor Gloria’s major legislative efforts but also signals a broader debate within the Democratic Party about their future direction.

Image Credit: Canva