The Newsom Debate

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This Thursday Gavin Newsom will appear on Fox News for a debate with Ron DeSantis, to make his case that California is a “model for the nation.” Yesterday, I released a detailed list of 10 Questions for Newsom.

The questions, which you can read here, are designed to expose Newsom’s “model” for what it is: one of spectacular decline and failure. They cover the border, COVID, vaccines, the economy, education, homelessness, gas prices, crime, water, and the California Exodus.

Overnight they’ve received millions of views and extensive press coverage. I’m also booking TV and radio interviews to shape the debate and will be live fact-checking Newsom the day-of. This is a key moment to deflate Newsom’s delusional national ambitions.

Meanwhile, a COVID sanity update. Last year I wrote a letter to UC and CSU leaders calling for an immediate end to all vaccine mandates. Most campuses, I’m glad to say, have now complied. Yet ignorance still reigns at 5 CSUs and several private institutions. The full list is here.

And following the investigation I requested into the illegal Chinese bio lab in California, Jesse Zhu, the international fugitive behind the lab, has been arrested and charged in federal court. The national media is also finally taking note, with Face the Nation covering the story Sunday.

Yet many questions remain, and I’m calling for a further inquiry into Biden’s CDC: why it ignored local officials’ reports about the lab for months, why it discarded thousands of vials with unclear or coded labels without testing them, how it missed a freezer labeled “Ebola.”

Finally, it’s been one year since we won the decisive 218th seat in the House, ending the Pelosi Speakership. Today, I’m officially filing for re-election. With Newsom’s hand-picked candidate running against us, the fight for sanity in our state and country is about to intensify.

Original Article Link: The Newsom Debate | Capitol Quagmire (