Jim Desmond: A Lone Republican Voice Advocating for San Diego Amidst Immigration Crisis

In the face of an escalating immigration crisis, San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond stands out as a singular Republican voice actively addressing the challenges confronting his constituents. Since September 13, San Diego County has become the destination for over 50,000 migrants, reflecting a situation Desmond describes as increasingly untenable.

Illegal border crossings have surged to over 10,000 per day nationwide, placing immense strain on resources, infrastructure, and the capacity of the immigration system. According to Desmond, this surge is pushing the system to critical levels, with no apparent solution on the horizon.

Advocating for a pause in new immigration until a more effective system is established, Desmond’s stance is focused on ensuring both due process and the prevention of system abuse while prioritizing the needs and resources of San Diego County.

More than 50,000 Migrants Have Been Dropped in San Diego County in Less Than Three Months

Since September 13, more than 50,000 migrants have been dropped in San Diego County. The escalating daily border crossings, now reaching record levels, indicate a situation that is increasingly becoming untenable.

Illegal crossings across the country have surged past 10,000 per day, painting a stark picture of the overwhelming challenges Border Patrol faces. The strain on resources, infrastructure, and the capacity of our immigration system is reaching critical levels, and there is no end in sight.

Last week, the Board of Supervisors voted to allocate another $3 million in local tax dollars for migrant services. While I disagreed with the decision, we have now spent $6 million on a federal issue while the problem continues to grow.

I call upon the Senate and House to act urgently and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Our broken asylum-seeking process requires immediate attention and reform. The existing backlog and inefficiencies in processing asylum claims contribute significantly to the strain on our resources. We need a streamlined and effective system that ensures due process while preventing abuse and exploitation.

Our immigration process is broken. We should hit reset and close the border to new immigrants until we fix our immigration system with a safe, orderly, and humane approach for all.