After Massive Corruption Scandal, CSU San Marcos Dean Still on Payroll

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek After a massive scandal involving CSU San Marcos Dean Graham Oberem where he was documented spending university money on $500 chauffeured limousine rides and $110 steaks among other things, the university has apparently decided that he…

Sweetwater’s Not So Sweet Review

  • January 14, 2020
Starting with a financial scandal in July 2019, Sweetwater Union High School District has been severely underwater with very slim…

California Democrats Fighting Against Education, Continued

  • December 27, 2019
Despite the constant pleas and advocacy from San Diegans, California continues to regress with respect to education. California Democrats have consistently enacted legislation that harms a child’s education just so they can appease the teachers' unions who fund their campaigns. Moreover, as per usual, California Democrats are blatantly ignoring the voices and opinions of their constituents on the matter.